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5 Useful Tips To Consider When Choosing Your Kitchen Cabinets

An elegant and stylish kitchen, the kind seen online and fit for an expensive magazine is what I always yearned for. That is why when I was undertaking my kitchen project a few years ago, I was burdened with so many decisions that will help me pull off a stunning design for my favorite space.I later learned how much the general style and design scheme depends on the cabinets that you install in your kitchen space.

Here are some useful tips to consider when choosing cabinets to achieve a gorgeous kitchen design or remodeling whiles working within your budget, time and sanity.


  • You must consider what functions the cabinets will be serving when choosing them. Kitchen cabinets can be breathtaking and within budget but if they don’t serve your unique need of them, none of the other things matter. You should have in mind the number of utensils the cabinet should accommodate. If you have beautiful kitchen wares that you would like to display, then glass doors should work for you.
  • Be sure to choose a cabinet color that suits your kitchen and gives it a smooth finish. Today’s trends hold plenty of versatility and you could make your choice from a variety of yellows, oranges and a range of greens, even the acrylic eggshell; perfect for that demanding space.  Just ensure it’s appropriate for use in the kitchen. Our staff at West African Decor tiles will help you choose to your perfect taste.
  • When doing a kitchen remodeling, you don’t need to face the chaos of ripping out the old hardware and installing new ones. Replacing the knobs and handles or even the doors of your cabinet will make you realize how much the general style and tone depends on them. You will get all these at West African Decor tiles.
  • Show some love to your old cabinets by giving them a fresh lick of paint. Choose from the abundant on-trend hues and shades, to sum up, your taste and style.
  • Depending on your need for durability appearance and your budget, you need to consider the wood type; the cabinet material. Maple, white and red oak, cherry, and birch are some of the options. However, maple and cherry are the popular materials for cabinets.Cherry is known for its uniform appearance and red undertones. It’s a popular choice for stained cabinets. Maple, on the other hand, is lighter in color and used mostly for painted cabinets. It’s also a very beautiful choice for kitchen cabinets

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Written By: Nana Ama Coomson
Blogger/Content Strategist

Modern Tile Designs

The living room is one space which should be a spectacle to your guest. To make it a focal point of your room, be sure to incorporate appealing and royally bright coloured tiles. Unlike white and beige tiles which use to be the flooring choice of the past, today’s design schemes feature bold, artistic flair and patterned tiles which add a sense of traditional  quality and craftsmanship to your home. You could also be the hero of your home by pulling of sophistication and modern sensibility whiles keeping it fresh and exciting. Experience wonder designs and patterns from stunning floors to breathtaking walls with West African Decor Tiles. 

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Written By: Nana Ama Coomson
Blogger/Content Strategist